October 28th is World Judo Day

Today is October 28th. It’s #WorldJudoDay. On this day, the Afghan girls marks the power, impact and importance of Judo in their lives. The #GOAL initiative wishes to express their appreciation for the sports of Judo for shaping their lives in the best way possible, and empowering them. It gave them a reason & hope for life, the ability to over the gender inequality, and to be the best persons possible in the society.
Thank you to the friends of Afghanistan for supporting the Afghan Judo athletes! #NPO #Judos #Tokaiuniversity #Judoforpeace #Judoforfred #IJF #IOC #girlsofafghanistanlead #GOAL رهبری دختران افغانستان – ردا

Afghan girl athletes are contributing towards peace process

Afghan girl athletes are significantly contributing towards peace. They work hard every single day to assure they live in a peaceful community with their family, friends and community members. Afghan women are at crossroads with the peace talks. It’s a crucial time to support them and make sure we #NeverGoBack and #peace wins!

A special event was held at the Afghan National Olympic Committee just to recognize Afghan female athletes achievements through sports yesterday in Afghanistan.

#sportsforpeace#Judoforpeace#PeaceIsPossible#GOAL#GirlsofAfghanistanLead رهبری دختران افغانستان -ردا

Judo team on national television

The Afghan Judo girls were invited to the country’s biggest TV channel. They raised the #Judos flag infront of millions of viewers with pride! They’re proud to be Judokas! ??♥️?

Girls Of Afghanistan Lead #GOAL #GirlsOfAfghanistanLead #NPO