Happy Nawroz from the Girls of Afghanistan 2021!

The GOAL initiative wishes everyone a wonderful Nawroz!!! 🇦🇫🥋💕💪🥀🌷برنامه ردا سال نو را برای همگی تبریک می‌گویند! یک سال با صبح و خوشبختی برای همگی آرزو داریم! رهبری دختران افغانستان – ردا!

Afghan Women’s Judo Team Was Invited by the Ministry of Women’s Affair on IWD2021

Afghan women’s Judo team was invited at the Ministry of Women’ Affair to be supported, and their bravery to be recognized for bringing visibility to women’s rights and gender equality. Women Leaders of Tomorrow is proud of single one of them. In girls we trust! @ZakiraHossaini @ParwinAskari @Qudsia @FawziaMohammadi @SalmaAhmadi #Angela and many more. You’re are our pride!


رهبری دختران افغانستان – ردا!

Thank you Dr. Lisa Allen (from IJF) for Supporting Afghan girls!

This March on #WomensHistoryMonth Afghan women’s Judo team would like to thank @Dr. Lisa Allen from #IJF for her tireless work and support for Afghanistan’s team. Your hard work to make an equal world for everyone doesn’t go unnoticed. You inspire many young women in the world to follow your footsteps as woman leader and the Commissioner of Gender Equality #GOAL رهبری دختران افغانستان – ردا

The Founder of WLT and its GOAL initiative was featured at Asahi TV in Japan in February 14, 2021

Thank you #MsMiyajima from #Cultivator and #AsahiTV for making our voices heard, and making us visible to the world. This is a story of triumph over adversity.

Sports indeed make an equal world. Judo is truly empowering. #Genderequaliy #womensports #coachFarhadHazrati #coachZakriaAssadi #StigTraavik

The Afghan National Olympic Committee Celebrates IWD2021

The Afghan national Olympic committee celebrated international women’ day on March 8th. Zakira Hossaini represented Afghan women’s Judo team. She has also a message for #IWD2021. The #GOAL initiative is very proud of her bravary for speaking about her rights. We stand with you Zakira! You’re the pride of Afghan women and Afghanistan! رهبری دختران افغانستان – ردا!Link: https://youtu.be/sDJQCMQ4UDU


Live Yoga Session from Afghanistan on IWD2021

Thank you everyone for participating at Yoga from Afghanistan live session from Fakhria Momtaz. Also, a special thanks to our second guest speaker Mahnaz Aliyar for giving information and educating us about the situation of Afghan girls’ education in Afghanistan. Women Leaders of Tomorrow was very proud and honoured to have you on #IWD2021Afg. “The power of women working together” WLT wishes you a happy International Women’s Day and women’s history month! رهبری دختران افغانستان- ردا!

Parwin at Tashkent Grand Slam 2021

We are very proud of Parwin Askari for competing at #JudoGrandSlam in #Tashkent on March 6. Just in time for #IWD. She is a member of #GOAL initiative. Judo helps empower Afghan girls to compete at the international arena! If you would like to learn more about our work, join us at our IWD online event at 4:30pm PST. Link to join: https://meet.google.com/vuq-nxty-yps#GOAL – GirlsofAfghanistanLead رهبری دختران افغانستان – ردا!

Cheer for the Afghan team member Parwin Askari

Cheer for the Afghan team member Parwin Askari. She is competing at the upcoming IJF Judo tournament in Tashkent Uzbekistan in March 6th!!!We work hard, we succeed and we lead! #GirlsofAfghanistanLead Thank you Ms. Miyajima from ‘Cultivator’ to make this mission possible!If you want to learn more about us, come and join us for a distinct experience from Afghanistan for international women’s day on March 7th! Link for the Google Meet: https://meet.google.com/vuq-nxty-ypsPlease send your questions and inquiries to info@womenleader.ca رهبری دختران افغانستان – ردا!