WLOT Supports International Day of Judo October 28, 2021

With the cooperation of the Afghan Judo federation, WLOT was able support the International Day of the Judo in Baghlan Afghanistan.

In recognition of World Judo Day October 28th 2021, the head of the Baghlan province Judo association, Mr. Rustom, has organized a friendly Judo tournament locally. A number of young boys, adolescents and adults have participated in the competition. After the competition, he rewarded a number of young and adult Judokas higher belts and certificates. All of the certificates were approved by International Judo Federation, with the international IJF logo on them.

Photo credit: Rustom

You can read the full report in the link below:

Putting the Theory of Women Empowerment into Practice

Women Leaders of Tomorrow puts women’s empowerment theory into practice when it comes to Afghan girls’ education. Thanks to our generous donors and supporters who made it possible for these girls to continue their education under the Taliban regime. These young women are still studying while the Taliban banned girls’ education above 6th grade, and all schools are closed.

You can join our effort to advocate by organizing the 45 minutes #WalkWithAfghanWomen and #GirlsofAfghanistanLead. For further information please contact WLOT at info@womenleaders.ca

Students of WLOT in Afghanistan

Knowledge is Power

“Education is Power” let’s keep the power going. The extremist rulers have said the move is only temporary. But it’s been more than a month, and hundreds of thousands of female students remain stuck at home, with their dreams and potential at risk of being squandered #CBC

Did you know there are 5 millions girls out of school? Let’s keep the advocating for by #WalkWithAfghanWomen Contact us at info@womenleaders.ca


How to show solidarity with Afghan Women

The supporters and the allies of the Afghan women have recently asked Women Leaders of Tomorrow that how that they can help. Here is a perfect way to advocate and raise awareness about Afghan women’s rights and rights to education and sports.

This is a 45 minutes of walk that you can organize it on your pace, time and community. But please don’t forget to take pictures of your walk, post on social media, and tag us WLOT with the following hashtags. #WLOT #WalkWithAfghanWomen #StandWithAfghanistan #GOAL #GirlsofAfghanistanLead

Shamsea Alizada’s Message On International Day of the Girl Child


October 11th, 2021

Women Leaders of Tomorrow (WLOT), a non profit organization based in Vancouver, Canada working in the field of education and human rights for women in Afghanistan, announces a new online learning initiative for women and girls in recognition of International Day of the Girl Child.1

On the occasion of this day, the youth spokesperson for WLOT, Shamsea Alizada, 2 wishes to share a message with the international community regarding the importance of education for women and girls in Afghanistan. 

Since the Taliban takeover of the central government and capture of the entire country of Afghanistan approximately two months ago, the Taliban has banned girls over grade 6 from higher education, banned women from their high school, colleges, universities and their jobs, and imposed drastic, draconian restrictions on basic human rights.

Shamsea Alizada3, Afghanistan’s nationwide top scoring high school graduate and exceptional scholar in 2020 is pleased to announce WLOT’s intention to expand its existing online English language tutoring classes into more formal academic subjects.

“Since the return of the Taliban, thousands of talented, motivated young women in Afghanistan have become trapped in their homes”, said Friba Rezayee, founder and executive director of Women Leaders of Tomorrow. “We currently have dozens of students working with us via Internet-based video conferencing systems to improve their English language skills. As an expansion of our existing program, we are expanding into partnership with United States and Canada based higher educational institutes to introduce entirely Internet based formal academic classes and programs for these women in Afghanistan”. 

“Afghan women may be trapped in their homes, but until the Taliban turns off the Internet entirely, we will continue our work.” added Ms. Alizada4. She continued: “I am in communication with so many of my peers and classmates whose lives have been put on pause”.

Shamsea was the first woman in Afghanistan to receive a perfect score on the annual university entrance examination, just one year before the collapse of the central government. The “Kankor” exam5 is approximately equivalent to the North American SAT test. Shamsea is presently studying on a fully-funded scholarship in Istanbul, Turkey, generously provided by the Turkish government. 6 





5 https://www.voanews.com/a/south-central-asia_young-afghan-woman-aces-university-entrance-exams/6196401.html

6 https://www.news18.com/news/buzz/two-years-after-escaping-blast-at-her-tuition-centre-afghan-girl-tops-national-exam-2908453.html

Press contacts: Friba Rezayee friba.rezayee@womenleaders.ca Executive Director of Women Leaders of Tomorrow. Phone: 1-604-783-3317

Global News’s Documentary The New Reality Speaks about WLOT

These are the voices of women the Taliban doesn’t want the world to hear “My life has become just to eat, sleep and repeat,” says 20-year-old Aisha. She adds “My heart feels heavy because I can’t explain it to you, I can’t imagine how we’re going to live like this, with this government.”The founder and Executive Director of Women Leaders of Tomorrow, Friba Rezayee has been featured at the #TheNewReality at the #GlobalNews documentary by By #BrennanLeffler and #MikeArmstrong