“I am proud to support the work that Friba is doing to empower women and girls in Afghanistan and across the globe.

Jigoro Kano founded judo as a structure for mental and physical education. His ultimate vision was to create a better society through the values of sport.

I am not an idealist who believes that judo can change women’s lives and create a better society. That is not ideal to me, but a living and working reality.

By teaching girls and women characteristics such as determination, the ability to overcome obstacles, and the strength to fall but then rise, Women Leaders of Tomorrow will make the world a better place for everyone” Yuki Yokosawa, 2004 Athens Olympic Games silver medalist in Judo

“Judo is more than a sport. It is a philosophy that helps us to develop our mind and body to overcome difficulties in order to build a better society, as it was stated by Kano Jigoro Shihan, the founder of judo. The judo values have proven on many occasions that they can help communities to develop better living conditions through our moral code: courtesy, courage, friendship, honesty, honour, modesty, respect and self-control. The Judo for Afghan Women and Girls for the GOAL Judo initiative totally embraces those values and the judo motto ‘mutual welfare and benefit” Nicolas Messner – IJF Judo for Peace Director