Women Leaders of Tomorrow is looking for Mentors

Women Leaders of Tomorrow is looking for mentors and English language tutors.

The goal is to connect each student with a mentor – someone who will walk with the student on their academic, athleticism, personal journey and make them feel that they have someone in their corner who will listen, provide support, guidance, and champion their academic and life endeavours.

As a mentor, your support can be vital in building a foundation for success that will last beyond these students’ academic and athletic achievements.

If you’re interested please contact us at info@womenleaders.ca. Thank you!

رهبری دختران افغانستان – ردا!

LA Metheson School Walked with Afghan Women

A big shout out to the students for marching through LA Matheson, supporting and amplifying the message of Standing With Afghan Women. #WalkwithAfghanWomen

This is what the ED of Women Leaders of Tomorrow has asked the participants to do to support Afghan women in our darkest hour.

  1. Recognize Afghan Women in their Afghan identity
  2. Hire Afghan Women for the position of power.
  3. Amplify the message any and all ways you can.

Tenacious and strong ” I am done talking, it is time for action” Friba Rezayee

Women Leaders of Tomorrow thanks Ms.AnnieOhana for her incredible work and non stop support for Afghan women and girls.



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رهبری دختران افغانستان – ردا!

We are listening to our leaders

Women Leaders of Tomorrow is proudly sharing inspiring messages from young Afghan women who are dedicated to women’s education. She says “The path to freedom and advancement for Afghan women is awareness of their freedom and equality through education” Mahnaz

And “As we progress in our education, we can prioritize our original rights and say no to ignorant minds” Marina رهبری دختران افغانستان – ردا!

Eid Mubarak!

Women Leaders of Tomorrow wishes everyone a happy, healthy and peaceful Eid!

Eid Mubarak!

رهبری دختران افغانستان – ردا

Shine bright like a diamond

Shine bright like a diamond 💎. Our Judo athlete on the left is a shining star ⭐. She is working hard tirelessly to break the gender barrier imposed by the Taliban in Afghanistan. She believes in the power of sports for women and Women Leaders of Tomorrow believes in her.

We wish you all the best. Only sky is the limit.
رهبری دختران افغانستان – ردا! 🥋💕🇦🇫💪
JUDOs  IJF – International Judo Federation @GetUp&Fight

WLOT on DW in Germany


Women Leaders of Tomorrow is a firm believer of women’s education and sports. We have been advocating, specially after the collapse of the Afghan central government last year to present day. And will continue until justice is served for the Afghan women athletes.

The ED of WLOT Friba Rezayee was invited to describe the current situation of the Afghan women athletes in Afghanistan by DW Deutsche Welle yesterday. She told DW that “The world has forgotten Afghanistan”. Here is the full article:


Thank you @BCITNews for highlighting Women Leaders of Tomorrow’s work on @IWD 2022. We are thankful to our dedicated volunteer members who work tirelessly to support Afghan women & girls. @Layla Khdir
Full article can be read here: https://bcitnews.com/2022/03/08/international-womens-day-vancouver-based-organization-is-finding-ways-to-empower-women-in-afghanistan/

Happy Ramadan!

Women Leaders of Tomorrow wishes all the Muslims a happy & healthy Ramadan!

This month is the month of love, care, kindness and being gentle. 💕🌺🇦🇫

Women Leaders of Tomorrow at House of Commons

Click on the following link to watch the full presentation: https://parlvu.parl.gc.ca/Harmony/en/PowerBrowser/PowerBrowserV2?fk=11561967

The founder and the Executive Director of Women Leaders of Tomorrow has appeared before the Special Committee at the House of Commons on March 28th, 2022.

She stressed on the issues and urgency of Afghan female athletes’ evacuation, student visa and study permits for those students who have received full ride scholarship offers & acceptance letters from universities in the Canada.

WLOT believes in the power of advocacy, social justice and and Human Rights.

The Taliban didn’t honour their Promise; Afghan women & girls raised against them


The Taliban didn’t honour their promise to reopen girls’ school on March 23, 2022. Read Women Leaders of Tomorrow’s Executive Director’s commentary to understand our on going advocacy and anger.

One Afghan girl teenager said in tears that “They snatched this from us”. #EducationIsARight #LetAfghanGirlsLearn #walkwithafghanwomen

رهبری دختران افغانستان – ردا!


Sports have been a way of life for Afghan women. Life is light and light will always find it’s way out in darkness. WLOT’s GOAL project is proud of our Judoka @LatifaMuradi who is training tirelessly to save the legacy of Judo alive in Afghanistan.

Thank you #Japan for your kindness & solidarity for standing with Afghan women in our darkest hour. #Afg@Paris2024

2022 IWD

This International Women’s Day, members and partners of Women Leaders of Tomorrow hosted a rally to stand with women in Afghanistan in Vancouver. We stood to ask for our rights back, rights to education, peace and work. The international community needs to the same to prioritize Human Rights and women’s.

We want #FoodWork&Freedom Beacon of Hope for Afghan Children #Judoforpeace #GOAL #BOH #WLOT

رهبری دختران افغانستان – ردا!

WLOT will be Participating at Crisis in Afghanistan at UBC hosted by bc4Afghans and Global Lounge

The Executive Director of Women Leaders of Tomorrow will be joining a panel discussion about Crisis in Afghanistan on February 15th, 2022 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at @UBC on International Development week. A prominent and successful journalist from Hasht-e-Subh newspaper Sohail Sanjar will be joining her.
Join BC 4 Afghans at UBC and Global Lounge to learn about your role as a global citizen, and how can you help Afghanistan in our darkest hour.

Evacuate the Afghan female athletes from the persecution of the Taliban now!

Dear Human Rights women’s rights supporters. Women Leaders of Tomorrow along with our partner organizations have started an online public petition to ask the Canadian government to honor the promise to evacuate the at high risk Afghan female athletes into safety ASAP. Please sign the petition and show that you care about Afghan women! #StandWithAfghanWomen

Sign here: https://chng.it/68cqfFptzM


Afghan girls train, and we train hard. We dream and we dream victory. We fall, then we get up, we fail then we succeed, we get pushed back then we move fast forward. We’re the girls of Afghanistan and we lead!
Judo Canada @JudoBC @IOC IJF – International Judo Federation @JudoFrance
رهبری دختران افغانستان – ردا!

Winter Food and Basic Supplies Appeal for the Afghan families in Afghanistan!

Women Leaders of Tomorrow is putting together basic winter supply packages and food fundraiser for Afghan families in partnership with Aces & Eights. Details are at the attached poster!

Donate today and save a family in the harsh winter of Afghanistan!

DONATE HERE!!! https://donorbox.org/women-leaders-of-tomorrow-in-afghanistan and or https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=K5JJG9JEBA9JU