Hasina Hamidi

Born in Afghanistan, I survived the scourge of women deprived of their basic rights with fierce hope, and perseverance. My journey led me through the corridors of Kabul University, where I completed my undergraduate studies in the dynamic realm of Management and Business Administration in 2018. At the time of the Taliban takeover, I was working as an HR Analyst for Etisalat Afghanistan Telcom Company.  The harsh restrictions imposed by the new de facto government on women’s rights, particularly on their education and employment, forced me into a corner with no choice but to flee my homeland under dire circumstances.

In April 2022, I went to Kazakhstan to pursue my further education. For me, pursuing knowledge is not merely a personal endeavor but indeed it is a responsibility I owe to myself and a commitment I have to other Afghan women living in the scourge of deprivation. I call it a responsibility because I have an ambitious outlook on life, which makes me actively work towards achieving what I want in my life. Also, I call it a commitment because I aspire to set an example to others of accomplishments and contributions to society that a woman can make.

Amidst the challenges of my new journey, I discovered the WLOT (Women Leaders of Tomorrow) organization during my studies in Kazakhstan in April 2023. A period of uncertainty gripped me as I faced the looming expiration of my visa after graduation in August 2023. Desperate for a lifeline, I reached out to WLOT, beseeching them to advocate on my behalf for a scholarship. Their response was a beacon of hope, connecting me with the International Students Overcoming War (ISOW) scholarship team at Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada.

The moment I secured the scholarship was nothing short of life-changing. Two months have passed since I landed on Canadian soil, a place that now cradles my aspirations and dreams. I am currently immersed in the pursuit of a master’s degree in International Public Policy at WLU University, a choice fueled by my profound desire to become an Economic Policy Analyst. My goal is to be a beacon of positive change, not just for my homeland but on a global scale.

I owe this transformative opportunity to the unwavering support of Miss Fariba Rezayee, a woman whose work in empowering and uplifting the women of her country I deeply admire. Her efforts have given me more than an education; they have bestowed upon me a chance to be a testament to resilience and a catalyst for change.”