We are a group of advocates for Afghan women and girls’ education and empowerment.

Women Leaders of Tomorrow empowers women and girls through education and sports. We strongly believe that education is the single most important thing that will improve life for women in Afghanistan.

Image Source: Friba Rezayee / Women Deliver Conference 2019

Afghanistan, like any other country in the world, has many talented people. But the talent and potential of such bright individuals are wasted due to the lack of opportunities, facilities, and gender discrimination. As such, most young women are not able to pursue education past high school. WLT not only helps gender equality, but it also helps provides basic educational resources to Afghan women.

Afghanistan and some other war-torn countries are known to be plagued with poverty and unemployment. We believe that the women of Afghanistan can change the status of women and girls through education, which will ultimately build the economy and result in a higher standard of living and development for everyone.

Basic education of women and girls are a fundamental human right. The United Nations affirmed this in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10th December 1948 as Resolution 217. We strongly believe that everyone in this world should be aware of their rights and be able to practice and enjoy their freedom in all aspects of their lives.

From left: Friba Rezayee, Zakeera Hosseini, coach Kami, Parwin Askari at Tokai University Japan, 2020

We seek to close the gender gap to the greatest extent possible in Afghanistan by 2045 by helping Afghan girls and women gain world-class education at home and overseas, particularly in North America. Additionally, Women Leaders of Tomorrow will assist women graduates with finding jobs in the sectors traditionally considered to be a “man’s job” in Afghanistan such as firefighters, the armed forces, the judicial system, architecture and engineering or in the elected political system of Afghanistan.

An Afghanistan where women are treated equally as men in all aspects of life includes filling government seats, owning businesses, and enjoying free participation in society and exercising decision-making powers in government and private sectors.

Every woman and girl deserves equal rights, rights to education, freedom of thought, and a life with dignity and purpose.