Human Rights Watch report: “I won’t be a Doctor, and Day you will be sick” Girls’ access to education in Afghanistan.

New York Times article. The Taliban has banned girls’ education in Afghanistan

UN News: “This is where we have to have resolve: that recognition comes with your ability to be part of a global family. That has a certain set of values and rights that must be adhered to.  And education is up front and centre, especially for girls and for women.” UN.

Shamsia Alizada is the symbol of girls’ education in Afghanistan. She has inspired hundreds of Afghan girls to pursuit their education and that there is hope in education. Her story was picked up by the New York Times, and the Guardian and many more news sources. You can read her story and success here!

Mahnaz Aliyar is young Afghan woman who is studying tirelessly to get higher education and succeed. You can read her story at: Watch her interview here!