Habiba Nazari was interviewed by CBC Vancouver
The founder & ED of WLOT along with WLOT/UBC student were interviewed by CBC Vancouver

Education for Afghan women & girls is at the heart of WLOT’s mission. Afghan women made impressive and measurable progress in the last two decades. The number of girls’ enrolment at secondary and post secondary went from 37 to 57 percent, and that is worth protecting. Following their seizure of power two years ago, the Taliban has banned women from education above the sixth grade and all forms of employment and public life.

CBC highlights WLOT’s work and Afghan women scholars’ accomplishments in education in BC.Habiba Nazari along with the founder & ED of WLOT were invited for an interview with CBC. You can watch the full interview by clicking on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfjrA6TtUmY

رهبری دختران افغانستان!

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